About Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival

Experience the vibrancy of Japanese culture from a variety of performances including local song and dance groups.
This festival will not only be featuring traditional acts such as Taiko drumming, Okinawan folk music, but also contemporary dance performances and a debut bilingual talk show. If that’s not enough, everyone can experience the festivity of Japanese festivals first hand through participating in the Bon Odori dance or the Best-Dressed Award for lasting memories and fantastic prizes.

The beautiful River Terrace will be lined with stalls offering a delicious, authentic taste of Japan. From the classic festival favourites like takoyaki, okonomiyaki and yakitori, to ice cream and Japanese beer to relieve a hot summer day; there is something for everyone. For the creative and fashionable ones, there will be plenty of arts and crafts to purchase too.

The festival will conclude with drawing our highly anticipated raffle prizes at the end of the afternoon including a pair economy return tickets to Tokyo as the first prize. It is definitely not an afternoon to be missed.

Organizer: Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Melbourne Inc.

Japanese Society of Melbourne, Inc.