Best Dressed Award 2019


Venue: Federation Square
Date: Sunday, 24th February 2019
Time: 3:45pm

Categories: 1. Yukata/Kimono 2. Cosplay
Entry requirements: Anyone is welcome to apply! Bring along your outfit.

If you have a passion for Cosplay or you’d like to dress up in a Yukata/Kimono,
then this is a great chance to have fun and even win a prize! 
To participate, please visit the registration booth on the day of the event. 
Registration will start at 2:00pm and close at 3:00pm or when each category has 25 applicants.


Awarded by

Mr Yoshio Nagamatsu                              TBA        
(Sanoyas Holdings Corporation)                 (TBA)             


Awarded by

Ms Kerrie Fulker                             Ms Christine Busby
(Madman Entertainment)            (Melbourne Representative
                                                             for the World Cosplay Summit)